2021 SeaView Fishing Pier

Fishing reports:




It's a nice day out here on the coast with a touch of fall in the air. Yellow butterflies are being seen flying around the island and that is a sign that fall fishing is going to fire up very soon. So get you gear ready for some cooler filling fishing because fall is around the corner.. Lots of bait running in the surf zone which has some Red Drum, Flounders and Speckled Trout being caught. A few Black drum, Sea Mullet, Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, Sheepshead, Ribbon Fish and Blue fish have made it into some cooler.



This is the first day that fells like fall and some fish are biting. A few Red and Black Drum were caught with some Flounder and Blue Fish also caught on live baits. A couple of Trout and some nice size Sea Mullet has also been caught. Lots of bait fish in the water and a king was lost to a boat this morning.



There were a lot of  Ribbon Fish caught today. A little bit of everything has been starting to get caught but just not number yet. School of small Spanish Mackerel were busting on the Glass Minnows that were around the pier. I nice sized Pompano was caught on a Diamond Jig.



Mostly caught this week has been Ribbon Fish. Some nights the bite has been very good other nights it has been decent. On the slow side for everything else. Water is on the sandy side with 2~3 foot vis. Looks like some ground swell will be hitting the beaches this weekend so that might get some Sea Mullet, Black Drum and Red Drum biting.



Last night there was a very good bite for Ribbon Fish. A few almost full coolers of them were caught. Most of them were caught on Ribbon Fish rig with cut finger mullet for bait. Slow for bottom fish and slow for those working diamond Jig and Got-cha lures for Spanish and Blue Fish. A few Trout were caught and a couple of Spanish off the King Rigs. Those working got-cha plugs and diamond jigs were getting Ribbon fish and a few Ribbon Fish came in off the King Rigs. Not much bait around today but some smaller school of finger mullet swimming around the pier.



Those fishing on the end are still catching Kings. Bottom fishing is a little slow but some nice sheepshead were being caught.



With some bait on the beach it was only a matter of time before the Ribbon fish show up. The last few days a few Ribbon Fish have been caught. It has been on the slow side for those fishing cut baits on the bottom with the typical summer time mix of fish which are Sea Mullet, Spot, Croaker, Black Drum and Trout but mostly pin fish eating the baits. Those putting in their time working the got-cha lure/diamond jig might get a Spanish or two. Some big Sheepshead feeding on the pilings. There was some good action off the king rigs while we had those SW winds blowing but the bite turned cold as the winds shifted to the W. Looks to be some SE winds this weekend. Could be good for Speckled trout with live shrimp under a float rig or some action with live baits of the King Rigs.



In the dog days of summer the bite is slow for those fishing cut baits on the bottom. The Spanish/King Mackerel on live bait can be on fire during those same days. So that is why during the summer there is not much about the slow bottom fish bite and more about the good action off the king rigs. As it gets more towards the fall as the water cools down the bottom fishing bite picks up as it goes into the big fall runs that most people look forward to.



The recent rains and these SW winds got some bait on the move and some sight feeders are biting. In the dog days of summer live baits are what catch the fish. Lots of action for those fishing live baits off the King Rigs the last couple of days. Yesterday 9 Spanish Mackerel up to 6.4 pounds where caught and today they put 14 large Spanish Mackerel on the deck with two King (18 and 23 pounds) and a 12.3 Pound Jack. A tarpon took a bait but jump off after a short run. Could be a good weekend if those winds don't pick up too much. It was slow for those working the diamond jig/Got-Cha lure for Blue and Spanish and it is on the slow side for those fishing cut baits on the bottom. Live Shrimp fished under a float rig for Speckled Trout and live fiddler crabs for Sheepshead. Pods of Menhaden and a few schools of mullets swimming past the pier. Good Luck to all those who fish this weekend.


Fishing has been on the slow side but a few nice sized fish are being caught. Those fishing cut baits on the bottom have caught Spot, Black Drum, Blue Fish, Trout, Sea Mullet and Croaker. Slow for those working the diamond jig for Blue and Spanish but they are getting a lizard fish now and again,. With some finger mullet starting to show on the beach a few Ribbon Fish has been caught last night but they are not here in big number yet. A few Spanish Mackerel been caught off the King Rigs and Tarpon are taking a bait now and again.



We have been seeing finger mullets swimming down the beach the last few days. With bait starting to be in the water that should bring some fish onto the beach. Lots of Tarpon have been swimming past the pier up the coast. There were a few nice sized Spanish Mackerel caught off the king rigs and a few Spanish and Blue Fish that were jigging up in the dirty water. Bottom fishing is on the slow side with some Spot, Sea Mullet, Sheepshead, Croaker, Trout and Blue Fish being caught.


Some nice sized Sea Mullets along with big Blue Fish were being caught today.



Some nice size Sea Mullet were caught today with Blue Fish and Black Drum biting shrimp baits fished on the bottom. Spanish Mackerel and Blue Fish were caught on Got-Cha plugs and Diamond jigs in the greenish water. Looks to be some stronger winds in the forecast which may get those bottom fish biting better. Tarpon, Cobia and King Mackerel have been seen and/or striking some baits but no hookups today.



We had some nice spring days this week with some fish biting. The second king of the season was decked with some citation Spanish Mackerel also being caught off the king rigs. Spanish Mackerel and Blue Fish have been caught on diamond jigs and got-cha lures. Sea Mullet, Blue Fish, Pompano, Trout and Black Drum have been caught on cuts baits fished on the bottom.



One more day of cold NE winds and then lighter winds for this weekend. Sea Mullet, Trout, Blue Fish and Spanish Mackerel have been caught this week.



Some Spanish mackerel, blue fish, trout and sea mullets werebeing caught today.



A few Spanish Mackerel , Grey Trout and Blue Fish have been caught on diamond jigs. Sea Mullet, Black Drum, Blue Fish and Grey Trout have been caught by those bottom fishing. Strong SW winds forecasted for the next couple of days.



Bonita were being caught all day long. Bluefish and some Spanish Mackeral were also being caught. Mullets were off and on all day.



Today started out with nice green water with Atlantic Bonito busting baits right off the front of the pier. Several Atlantic Bonito were decked and a few lost. Spanish Mackerel and Blue Fish were also caught on Got-Cha lure and Diamond jigs. As the wind speeds increased the water started get sandy. Winds and sandy water might not be good for the sight feeders but the sea mullet, black drum and spot like the brown sandy water. Yesterday was on the slow side for Sea Mullet but today seems to be a bit better.



Another day of good to decent fishing. There was a steady bite of nice sized Sea Mullet with some being caught two at a time. Those working the plugs and jigs where putting Atlantic Bonito on the deck. (Yes the ones with teeth and that are good to eat) Also caught on jig/plugs were Spanish Mackerel and Blue Fish.



Lots of Mullets were caught all day along with some Blues.



Lots and lots of Mullets with some Blues, small Flounder, Puffer Fish and Black Drum were caught.



More Mullets!



Some Blue Fish were caught along with the usual Mullets.



The first Spanish Mackerel was caught today along with Mullets, Black Drum and Puffer Fish



We have been having spring like days here at the coast with fish biting. Some days/nights are better then other with wind and/or tides being a factor. Mostly caught are Sea Mullet and Black Drum. A few Puffer Fish, Blue Fish, Trout and a Sting Ray now and again. Cut shrimp or blood worms fished on the bottom has been putting the fish in the coolers. With the warming waters Blue Fish will start to show in bigger number and the Chopper Blues will make their migratory swim up the coast with other fish species to follow.



Nice Black Drum being caught on the Pier the past few days! Check out this 5.9lb. drum caught this morning!!



Nice Sea Mullet caught on Seaview Pier this evening! Also catching Puffer fish today.


The weather was nicer today and the wind had died down. The Mullets were biting all day and we were starting to get some nice sized ones in the mix.


The weather was still a little windy and cool but the fish were biting. The Mullet bite was off and on all day with some Puffer fish thrown in the catch.


The 1st day of spring is 11 days away. Some fish are starting to bite but it's on the slow side since the water is still on the cooler side. Some nice sized Sea Mullet have been caught this week so each passing day the bite should keep picking up as we move into the yearly spring run.



Congratulations to Leroy on catching the first Virginia mullet of the year and there were also several puffers caught as well. Things are starting to pick up and we look forward to seeing everyone !!!

The annual Dogfish tournament was held February 20, 2021 and the awards were presented on February 21 as follows:


1st. Doug G. (10.1lbs)

2nd. Tim Chavez (10lbs)

3rd. Josh Sloop (9.9lbs)

Junior angler.

1.Ryleigh Yates (9.4lbs)

2.Adam Fisher (8.0lbs)

Thank you to all the participants in the Dogfish tournament!! A huge thank you to all the sponsors! Congratulations to all the winners! A wonderful day and great turnout! East Coast Sports Yopp Brothers Marine and Tackle Sportsmans Wholesale Phil Christman Bill Gorham
Steve Rochelle-Pirate Soggy Bottom Bait and Tackle