2020 SeaView Fishing Pier

Fishing reports:



The last couple of days there have been Trout and Blue Fish caught on live Shrimp fished under a float rig. A few Spanish and some Blue Fish caught on Diamong Jigs and Got-cha plugs. Those fishing cuts baits have been catching Spot, Sea Mullet and croakers. The winds are forecasted to be light from the SW and S so that should get some fish biting.


A few Blue Fish, Spot, Sea Mullet and Trout and been caught today by those fishing cut baits on the bottom. A few Blue Fish have been caught on Diamond jig and Got-cha plugs.


Strong winds blowing from the South has got the water all stirred up and dirty. This morning a few Spanish Mackerel and Blue Fish were jigged up on diamond jigs and Got-Cha plugs. Those fishing cut baits on the bottom put some Sea Mullet, Spot and Blue Fish in their coolers.


As the wind slowed down so did the bottom fishing bite. I guess you could say 'Slow winds slow bite and fast winds fast bite'. Although slow there were some Spot, Sea Mullet, Pig Fish, Croaker, Blue Fish and Trout put in some coolers for those fishing cut baits on the bottom. Those working the Diamond Jig and Got-Cha plug in the greenish clean water put some Blue Fish and Spanish Mackerel in their coolers. With the forecast this week of light winds and calm seas we would except the water to clear up a bit more and possibly a good /decent bite for Blue Fish and Spanish Mackerel. This week should also be a good week to fish live Shrimp under a float rig for Speckled Trout. If you were thinking of fishing your King Rig this would be a week of clean green water. The wind forecast is for winds to pick up this weekend and that should get those bottom fish biting good/decent again. Good luck!


Today a good mix of fish have been caught. There were some limits of Speckled Trout for those fishing live Shrimp under a float rig. Those fishing cut baits on the bottom put some Spot, Sea Mullet, Blue Fish, Black Drum, Croaker and Trout in their coolers. There were even a decent amount of Blue Fish caught on Diamond
Jig and Got-Cha plugs with a few Spanish Mixed in. I would think we should have the same action tomrrow sine the winds will be doing the same as today.


Today is a windy day at the coast with dirty water. There have been some Sea Mullet, Spot, Red Drum, Black Drum, Trout, Croaker and Blue Fish that have been caught.


It was a nice day at the coast with some fish biting. We had a decent Blue Fish run with those trying got their limits. A few Spanish Mackerel were in the mix. Those bottom fishing put some Spot, Croaker, Sea Mullet, Pig Fish, Trout, Pompano, Black Drum and Red Drum in their coolers.


Fishing being caught today using cut shrimp fished on the bottom in the muddy water have been Spot, Sea Mullet, Black Drum, Trout and Blue Fish. They have caught some Spanish Mackerel and Blue Fish on Got-Cha lures and Diamond jig.

Some big Blues were caught today along with scattered catches of Spanish Mackerel. Mullets and some Pompano were also caught. Off the end a large Tarpon was caught and released.


Dirty water with some Sea Mullet and Black Drum being caught. Slow for Blue Fish and Spanish. There is a building ground swell so that should keep the Mullet , Black Drum, Red Drum and Trout biting.



Multiple Kings were decked today with a good amount of Blue Fish and Spanish Mackerel caught. Bottom fishing was on the slow side today.



As the winds shifted so did the current which brought in the warmer water which also brought in the fish. Lots of bait swimming around and by the pier. Limits of Blue Fish and Spanish were caught for those using Got-Cha plugs and Diamond Jigs. A bit on the slow side for those bottom fishing with cut baits but some Sea Mullet, Blue Fish, Trout and Black Drum were caught. The wind forecast for the rest of the week looks good so we expect the bite for Blue Fish and Spanish to be good to decent fishing throughout this weekend.

The day was cold and windy but the water was nice and clear. Big Blues up to 3 pounds and nice sized Spanish Mackerel were being caught mostly around the high tide. Gotcha plugs of almost any color and diamond jigs were being used.


The pier is now open for fishing 24/7. Puffer Fish, Black Drum and Mullets are being caught.



More Mullets are being caught along with the usual Puffer Fish and Skates.



Today a lot of Mullets and some Black Drum were caught.



Mullets and Skates were being caught today.



The pier is back open for fishing. The pier is open Monday through Saturday 8am to 3pm.