2019 SeaView Fishing Pier

Fishing reports:




It's a beautiful 67 degree day on the island & we're seeing several coolers of spots & mullet. We had a good mullet bite last night & expecting the same thing this evening.



We're starting to see spots and mullet coming over the rail. We have blood worms, fish bites and all your tackle needs in the pier house. Looking forward to see y'all this weekend !!



These NE winds got the SPOT biting. Wind forecast shows NE winds for the next day or so. Blue Fish, Black Drum, Sea Mullet, Pompano and Trout are also being caught.



It was a mixed catch of Spanish mackerel, Blue Fish and Pompano caught on diamond jigs. The SW winds got them biting today but the bottom fishing was on the slow side



The Spot bite was very good while the winds were blowing from the NE but it has slowed down a bit since it switched to the N. Red Drum, Pompano, Blue Fish, Trout and Sea Mullet have also been caught. Those looking to catch some blue fish should be in luck once those winds clock around to the SW which will clear up the water some more. We have 5 more pilings to put in place and the decking before the end of the pier is completed.


It's currently overcast & 72 degrees with a NE wind 5 to10 mph. We're seeing a mixed catch of spots, pompano's and occasional speckled trout. We have bloodworms and artificial fish bites in the pier house.


Monday morning spots coming over the rail. Plenty of room to fish & we have bloodworms in the pier house.



A cold front passed thru this weekend switching the winds to NE which cooled the water back down to 78 degrees and that triggered another Spot run. With the cooling water the bite should keep picking up.



Spots are biting! Our owner Greg walked out and took some pictures and said it is the best spot bite in years! Just in time for the new 80ft of pier that opened yesterday! Come on out!!!


Progress is being made with our repairs. Today we opened up another 80 ft of lighted fishing area for our patrons to enjoy. Hopefully this cold front will bring the fish in. We are still not ready for king fishing or drum fishing from the end with heavers. We will inform you when the end is ready.



It was a very nice day at the coast. At last a taste of the dog days of summer with slow to decent fishing depending on how you where fishing and what you were fishing for. With these SW winds those working the diamond jigs got rewarded with Spanish Mackerel and Blue Fish. For those fishing cut baits on the bottom it was mostly Pin fish with a few Spot and Sea Mullet mixed in but that is about to change. A cold front will be moving through and the winds will be shifting to NE and that should turn the Spot bite on. We got about 3 days of NE winds and then it shifts back to SW and then back to NE so next weekend should be strong NE winds but that could change. Good luck to all those who try.



Nice steady bite of Spot on this morning's income tide. The bite slowed down some as the tide fell. Nell Davenport at the cleaning station cleaning 50 spot caught from 8 am thru 1 pm. Some Spanish and blue fish have also been caught on diamond jigs. It was also a steady bite during last nights incoming tide. So the tide is about to start coming in and maybe the Spot will bite.



So this week our first big Spot run is in the books and what a Spot run it was. It was 4~5 days of catching Spot with many coolers being filled and good times being had. As the wind shifted and eased the bite slowed down to a trickle. So the big question is 'When will the Spots run next?" and I'm going to give you my best guess . There is a little phrase that I like to say in the fall and it goes a little like this... Winds from the West stay at home and rest. Wind from the East. There is going to be a fish feast. So looking into the wind forecast it shows Monday that those NE winds should start to blow and if they do that should trigger another Spot run. The last couple of days has been on the slow side with a mix bag being caught (Blue Fish, Black Drum, Red Drum, Sea Mullet, Pompano, Trout and Spot) but nothing in larger numbers. Water temp has also increased. Good luck!!!

We may be going into the last weekend of summer but it sure does feel like fall has already started. This week Hurricane Humberto brought the coast many days of strong NE winds and those are the best winds for fall fishing. We also had a strong cold front dropping the water temp below 80 degrees triggering the start of the fall SPOT run. It is time to dust off those coolers and put some new line of those reels because the big SPOT runs are just around the corner. We have 860 feet of pier open to fish from as the end is still being built. Right now you can put in some time and get yourself a good mess of SPOT with them sometimes biting every hook that you bait. Towards the top of the tide they seem to bite the best and as the tide fall the bite seem to slow down. The big question is 'How long will they bite' and I'm guessing that this bite will continue until the wind changes direction which the forecast is for Sat Night for the winds to change directions from the NE. A few Black Drum, Sea Mullet, Trout and Puppy drum are also being caught. Good Luck!!!


It is starting to look a little bit like fall with schools of baitfish swimming around the pier heading toward the south. The weather was nice but still a little on the warm side. Flounder, Bluefish, Mullets, some Spade Fish and a few Sheepshead, and Pinfish added to the mix today. Some large Spanish Mackerel were caught today using live bait.


Some Bluefish were being caught all day but the bigger ones were in the morning. Big Spanish Mackerel were caught using live mud minnows. Lizard Fish, Pinfish and some keeper Flounder were also caught.


Today was a great day to be at the beach. The weather was nice and Bluefish were being caught with some being a nice size in the morning. Spanish Mackerel, Pompano,  Pinfish, Lizard Fish and some Mullets added to the catch.


A lot of small Flounder were caught today with a few keepers. Some small Bluefish were caught during the day. Some Mullets were caught with some being nice sized. Pinfish, Sharks, Ladyfish, small Trout and Lizard Fish were being caught as well.


It was a fairly nice day with some big Bluefish caught early in the morning. Smaller Bluefish were caught off and on all day. Some Mullets, Pinfish and Lizard Fish added to the mix.


Bigger Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel were being caught today with Gotcha plugs and diamond jigs. Once again Mullets were off and on all day.


We started catching bigger Bluefish with Gotcha plugs today with smaller ones being the most abundant. Mullets were being caught off and on all day from small to fairly large ones being caught. Puffer Fish, Sharks and small Trout added to the catch.


Today was a pretty good fishing day with a moderate wind and scattered

Sunshine.  A lot of small Mullets and small Bluefish were being caught by bottom fishing. Some undersized Trout, Puffer Fish and some large Mullets added to the mix.


It was a nice day with plenty of sunshine and a light wind. Sting Rays and Dogfish were being caught along with plentiful Puffer fish, some Mullets  and some small Trout.


Today it was a little overcast with some rain. There was the usual catch of Puffer fish with a few mullets being caught for the first time.


The opening day at Seaview Fishing Pier was an overcast and rather dreary day. However, a lot of Puffer fish were caught which is typical for this time of the year.




Since last winter ended on the wet and cold side, it seems we are going to have a late spring fish bite. The average year we really don't start seeing good sized Sea Mullet (Whiting) until the first day of spring (March 20th) but I'm thinking that the fish will start to bite a little later this spring, especially with the water temperature still around 57. The Northern Puffer Fish are the first fish to move in and then the Sea Mullets and Black Drum are the next to move in. Hopefully this will be our last blast from old man winter and we can get back to the seasonable temperatures that we are used to. During the spring on our part of the coast, SW, S and W winds are the best for fishing and the N winds are when the fish tend to bite the least. With the water temperature still below 60 degrees, an occasional puffer or dogfish might be caught but once it goes above 60, that is when the fishing should start to get better.



Seaview Fishing Pier is happy to announce that we will open for the 2019 season on this Saturday, March 2, 2019 at 630am. Come on out and spend some time on the planks. The restaurant will be open for breakfast and lunch.

2019 Fishing Rates are as follows:
$14 daily fishing pass (2 rods)
$1 spectator pass

$210 single pass with 2 rods
$350 couples pass (2 rods each)

At this time, we will not be selling daily/season king fish passes. King passes will not be sold until the end of the pier is rebuilt. Currently, we do not have a definite timeline for this to occur.