2018 SeaView Fishing Pier

Fishing reports:



The pier was opened again today after repairs were completed but it was a windy day. In spite of the weather plenty of Pompano were caught this morning with a few Black Drum and Red Drum added in. All were caught on bloodworms or cut shrimp. The catch of the day so far has been Pompano, Bluefish and several slot Red Drum.



Today was fairly nice with some rain and some wind. Three King Mackerel were caught off the end during a fairly productive day. Black Drum and Red Drum were caught mostly at night. Bottom fishing yielded small Croakers, Blue fish, Mullets, Lizard Fish and even some Spade fish.

The end of the pier saw some action today as 2 Tarpon and some big Spanish were beached. Bottom fishing yielded Lizardfish, small Croakers, and some nice sized Spots and Mullets. Bluefish and some Spanish were also caught today.


The water was getting clearer and the ocean calmer and the fishing was picking up. Black Drum were being caught but mostly at night. Croakers and some Mullets were caught by bottom fishing. Blues were caught off and on using diamond jigs, Gotcha plugs and cut bait.


The water was still muddy from the rains but was starting to clear up. Small Croakers, Lizardfish, Pinfish and some Mullets were being caught. Some nice Spanish and some Bluefish were also taken. Off the end a Shark and Tarpon were hooked and lost.


Although we had on and off rain, people were catching Black Drum, Pinfish, Lizardfish and some Blues and Spanish. Hopefully the rains will quit and the water will start clearing for the weekend.


The wind was very calm which made it a warm day to fish. Mullets, Spanish, Bluefish and small Croakers were caught. In the evening a lot of Bluefish were caught off the end of the pier mostly using Gotcha plugs.


Today it was a little windy today but the water was fairly clear and fishable. We caught Bluefish and Spanish off and on with some large Spanish being taken. The Mullet bite was off and on all day.


We had some wind today that chilled the air but it was a little warmer than yesterday. The water was nice and clear and quite a few Bluefish were caught. A lot of people limited out on Bluefish with some being in the 2 to 3 pound class.

The weather is gradually getting warmer and the water is nice and clear. We had a little bit of wind but Blues around a pound and Puffer fish were being caught all day. 


Some nice sized croakers were caught today. We are also seeing a few mullets being caught as well.


Happy 1st day of spring. Since this last winter was toward the harsh side, it seems we are going to have a late spring fish bite. The average year we really don't start seeing good sized Sea Mullet (Whiting) until the first day of spring (March 20th) but I'm thinking that the fish will start to bite a little later this spring, especially with the water temperature still around 57. The Northern Puffer Fish are the first fish to move in and then the Sea Mullets and Black Drum are the next to move in. Hopefully this will be our last blast from old man winter and we can get back to the seasonable temperatures that we are used to. During the spring on our part of the coast, SW, S and W winds are the best for fishing and the N winds are when the fish tend to bite the least. With the water temperature still below 60 degrees, an occasional puffer or dogfish might be caught but once it goes above 60, that is when the fishing should start to get better.



Austin Dishman won 1st place in our 3rd annual dogfish tourney today. The 8.8lb catch won him $550. Our 2nd place winner took home $330 and 3rd place was $220. A big thank you to everyone that came out to support Team Mack Attack today and to our sponsors for the tournament, Seaview Fishing Pier, Bowed Up Lures, Carolina Cast Pro, Joshua Kennedy, Sarah Gagliardo, Nathan Ji, Fatburgers, Slime Line, Hatteras Jack and FirstMateStuff.com. Without the support from our great sponsors and patrons, none of this would be possible.