2017 SeaView Fishing Pier

Fishing reports:


Today has been on the slow side of fishing with some Black Drum, Pompano and a few Sea Mullets caught.



A few black drum were caught today with a couple of Spanish mackerel on jigs. One tarpon was released off the king rigs.



The weather today was a lot nicer for fishing than the off and on rain that we had yesterday. Several keeper Black Drum were caught today along with some Sea Mullets. A few Spanish were caught on jigs with some nice keepers landed from the King rigs.


Over the last week there has been a decent to good black drum bite in the morning and then it goes slow. Wednesday one lucky person caught their limit of Black Drum. Bottom fishing tends to be on the slow side during these dog days of summer. A few Spot, Sea Mullet, Black Drum, Red Drum and Trout being caught with those fishing with live Shrimp having more luck then those fishing cut shrimp. Only a few Blue fish have been worked up on the jigs/plugs but the water has been mostly dirty/sandy. The last couple of days the water was green towards the end but it may turn back to brown with the forecast winds for the weekend which might help the bottom fishing some.

With the warming waters the fishing has moved into the summer pattern which is....
Good to decent Speckled Trout bite in the morning on live Shrimp fished under a float rig
A few keeper Flounder on live Shrimp/Finger Mullet
Blue Fish and Spanish Mackerel on Got-cha lure and diamond jigs. (Best when water is green/clear) A few lucky people catch a couple of nice bottom fish while the rest enjoy their day playing with pin fish. This weekend with the light SW winds should be good for Speckled Trout in the mornings on live shrimp and Blue Fish
and Spanish should get caught since the water visibly is getting past two foot and is no longer brown from the storms. Slow plugging action today Bottom fishing is on the slow side but a lucky few do seem to have some good days with nice catches of Black Drum and a Sea Mullet or two.

A few Blue fish were caught this morning on Got-cha lure and diamond jig but no luck with any Spanish. The last couple of days some nice Black Drum has been getting caught around day break and then it goes slow. Some Speckled Trout and Flounder were caught on live Shrimp. Today is light winds with clear brownish\greenish water that you can see from 5-6 feet down. Maybe the Spanish will come in with the tide.


As we move into summer live baits are the key for catching summer fish. Speckled Trout can be caught fishing live shrimp under a float rig. Flounder can be caught using live shrimp or live finger mullet fished on the bottom. Live Fiddler Crabs are used to tempt the Sheepsheads from the pilings. Those fishing live Shad and Menhaden from the King Rigs should catch some Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Tarpon and Kings. The last few days the Blue Fish and Spanish Mackerel bite has picked up with the clearer water for those working Got-cha lure and diamond jig. Today the Speckled Trout bit good on live Shrimp fished on a float rig. We would expect the bite to continue for Speckled Trout, Blue Fish and Spanish Mackerel since light winds are forecasted for the next couple of days. Bottom fishing is on the slow side with some Sea Mullet, Pompano and Black Drum being caught’



It has been slow fishing over the weekend in the dirty water. With the lighter SW winds the water should clear up and the Blue Fish and Spanish Mackerel should bite better. A 12 pound Chopper Blue Fish was landed off the King Rig with a few Spanish Mackerel and Blue Fish caught on diamond Jigs and Got-Cha lures. A over slot Red Drum was lost going to the net this morning and a few Sea Mullet and Black Drum were caught by those fishing cut shrimp fishing on the bottom.



Some nice Spanish were being caught before these storms churned up the ocean. Mostly small Croakers being caught with a few Sea Mullet and a Black Drum. Once the winds slow down and the water clears the Spanish Mackerel and Blue Fish should be biting again. As the water warms the bottom fishing becomes slower. You may get a few for supper but you won't be filling your cooler until the fall runs.



A few Spanish and Blues were being caught on jigs and plugs but not many limits so you need to put in some time to get a few.



This weekend was slow to decent fishing. Sunday there was a decent bite of Spanish Mackerel on diamond jig and got-cha lure with a few Blue Fish also being caught. Bottom fish is on the slow side with a few Sea Mullet being caught but the pin fish seem to be quick on the baits. Some Sheepshead are being seen around the piling and a slot Red Drum was kept.



This week has been light winds with clean water and slow fishing. Each morning a few Spanish and a few Blue Fish are decked and then it goes slow for the rest of the day. A few Sea Mullet and Flounder has also been caught. Some false albacore on jigs have been caught over the past few days.



Good Amounts of Black Drum caught over the weekend with nice sized Sea Mullet most being caught Friday night through Saturday morning and as the winds shifted the bite got slower. A few Blue Fish, Flounder, Spade Fish and a Red Drum were also kept.



Over the last couple of days Sea Mullet, Black Drum, Trout and Blue Fish have been caught. Looks like the winds are going to pick up tonight which will keep the water dirty/murky for this weekend. The murky water might slow the blue fish bite down some but it might help the bottom fishing bite.



The water was pretty muddy from the rains and winds that we had gotten but the fish were still biting but a little bit less than last week. Chopper Blues were still being caught but only at the end of the pier for the King fisher anglers. Mullets were being caught but not the large sizes that we were catching. Sharks, Black Drum, Pinfish and small Croakers made up the mixed bag of catch for the day.



It was really windy and the water was muddy but the Mullet bite was very good all day. Along with fresh shrimp the Mullets are being caught with Bloodworm and Shrimp flavored Fishbites. With the muddy water Choppers were only being caught with live bait off of the end of the pier. Some Bluefish were caught but mostly with Gotcha plugs.



We are still catching big Chopper Bluefish on Gotcha plugs and live bait. The Mullet bite has been pretty steady and some coolers are getting filled with those fish. Black Drum are being caught in the surf with Fishbites and shrimp. Still seeing a few Blowfish mixed in with Pinfish and small Sharks.



With Light south winds and the clear greenish water it was slow to good fishing today with lots of Blue Fish being caught. There may have been more Chopper sized Blue Fish caught then pan sized blues. The bottom fishing gets slow when these big blues are running the beach. Some nice sized Black Drum have been caught with a few Sea Mullet but the bite does pickup at night since the Sea Mullet can feed in the cover of the night. The bottom fishing should pick up over the next couple of days as the stronger SW winds blow in and the water will get murky from the wind/waves and that should makes those Sea Mullet and Drum come in a feed.



Lots of large Sea Mullets were caught today and decent amount of Black Drum were also taken.  A few Bluefish and Puffer fish were also caught.



 Seaview Fishing Pier - Fishing Report - Some nice sized Sea Mullet being caught with good amounts of Black Drum and couple of keeper Reds and a few Blue Fish have been caught today.



During the last few days people were catching good amounts of Sea Mullet. The bite should be decent to good over the weekend where mostly Sea Mullet should be caught when using cut shrimp fished on the bottom.

There is a saying about the winds for this time of year about when to fish and it goes like this....

Wind from the North don't go forth
Wind from the East fish bite the least
Wind from the West fish bite the best
Wind from the South blows the bait into the fishes mouth.

Today we are having strong SW winds and the fish are biting. Good amounts of Sea Mullet are being caught with a few Black Drum and Trout also being caught. It looks like the next few days should be good to decent fishing if those winds stay W and SW and do not blow too hard.

 Seaview FIshing Pier Report - Slow day with Puffer Fish and Sea Mullet being caught.



Today we had a slow bite with some decent sized Sea Mullets and Puffer Fish. The bite should pick with the warmer days ahead. This weekend is looking good weather wise with the forecast South winds but the water is still on the cool side.