Sea View Pier

Come fishing with us!

Store merchandise
No dogs or alcohol on pier
Goodies in store
Fishing Fees (includes all licenses)

2020 Fishing Rates are as follows:

$14 daily fishing pass (2 rods)
$1 spectator pass
$210 single pass with 2 rods
$350 couples pass (2 rods each)
$3 Beach access

(There is no sharing of rods
Pass expires 6:00 AM )


Seaview Fishing Pier Motel will be reopening Feb14th. To Reserve your room call

We have bait tanks that will be filled with minnows and live shrimp for sale when available. For your convenience you can get all of your tackle and bait in our first floor shop. We also offer quick snacks and drinks to feed our hungry fishermen.

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Restaurant is coming back! Pier is open 24/7. Motel is booking rooms!