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Nice Spanish
Nice King
At this time, we will not be selling daily/season king fish passes. King passes will not be sold until the end of the pier is rebuilt. Currently, we do not have a definite timeline for this to occur.
Lots of Spanish
Nice King
Nice King
Nice Spanish

Seaview King Fishing Rules:

1. The end of the pier is reserved for king fishing from 0500 till dark.
2. No bottom fishing, plugging or spectators within the roped off area and no playing in the bait tank.
3. The ropes cannot be put up unless you have a minimum of 4 king fishermen actively fishing at the end.
4. Max two float rigs at a time.
5. No shark fishing permitted. You can only put a shark on the deck if you are unable to hand line it up to retrieve your leader. Beaching of sharks is not permitted.
6. Only one anchor rod and one fighting rod per person king fishing unless you have purchased multiple king passes in your name.
7. Your anchor rod must be in the correct position or you will be asked to move or have the option of a recast.
8. All fishermen are responsible for their own equipment.
9. All carts/wagons must remain behind the ropes. All unused rods must remain on carts and must be three feet away from the rail.
10. At no time, can the number of non-bait fish (blues) in the tank be more than the limits of the number of king fishermen actively fishing. No measured fish, i.e. Spanish mackerel and Speckled Trout are permitted in the tank.
11. No braid allowed on anchor reels.
12. King fishermen with a rig out must be within shouting distance of the end or have someone deemed responsible for your gear while you leave the end.
13. Cast nets can only be thrown Monday-Thursday and not past zones specified by the no cast net signs.
14. Fishermen must cooperate to land any and all fish.

Anyone not following the above rules or showing unsportsmanlike conduct will be asked to leave

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Nice King
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